Stair Climbers


Our range of portable stairclimbers have been specifically designed to solve the problem of stairways for people with reduced mobility.  Depending on the needs of the business, we have two types of stairclimber.  They are:

  1. Maxi-level 200 or 230 self-leveling mobile platform stairclimber, suitable for all types of wheelchair.  These stairclimbers can effortlessly carry any type of wheelchair from a manual childs wheelchair up to a full size powered wheelchair.  They can move up or down staircases and steps in access or evacuation situations.  This climber is perfect for use where the user needs to remain in their own wheelchair as they cannot be transferred to either another wheelchair or an evacuation chair.
  2. S-Max Sella is suitable for people who need help climbing stairs, whether they are narrow or spiral.  It also comes with a universal rack, which makes it compatible with even the most diverse wheelchairs, enabling the wheelchair user to remain in their own wheelchair.  It is particularly suitable for public places where access or fire evacuation is required.

More detailed information is available in our brochures (put a tab on to say click here to request one).