Fixed Hearing Induction Loops

Fixed Hearing Induction Loops

KTP Microloop is our market leading Induction Loop System, which has been specially designed for low power consumption.

It is supplied in either a Fixed Counter, or Portable version, with the fixed mains system being extremely easy to self install. This is especially useful for clients who have large estates with many locations that need provision!

Induction loop systems aid the hard of hearing, with independent research showing that the use of induction loop systems makes conversations with hearing aid wearers (whether customers or staff) easier and more relaxed. As around 1 in 7 of your customers or staff will have some form of hearing disability, it is now a requirement for all "service providers" to provide this facility under the Equalities Act (Formerly the Disability Discrimination Act).

The main benefits a hearing induction loop include:

  • Clearer, more relaxed, less time consuming conversations
  • The ‘Privacy Area’ (dotted area) gives greater confidentiality
  • Conversations are unaffected by security screens
  • Reduces the need to repeat words
  • Advanced noise cancelling circuitry
  • Easy to self Install